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About Us

Mission Statement

By establishing long-term relationships with our customers, we aim to provide creatively designed, environmentally friendly packaging that compliments and enhances floral bouquets, arrangements and blooming plants in order to increase the marketability and sale-through for our customers.

What Drives Us:

Our short term goal is to enter the Floral and Ornamental Blooming Plant industry and establish ourselves as a valuable resource for our customers to seek creative inspiration and ideas on how to market their products. Our long term goal is to cement ourselves as the industries number one company for packaging by providing competitively priced, unique high quality products and excellent customer service achieving world class brand recognition and equity.

Who We Are:

FLORA-PACK, LLC is a manufacturing company of decorative packaging for flowers and plants. Flora-pack's inspiration comes from the desire to bring new trends into to the market as we feel that too often many floral and plant companies are using the same packaging creating a repetitive and boring look. Our strategy is to enter the US and Canadian floral and blooming plant industry by combining a mixture of modern, contemporary packaging that complements our customers blooming products with un-matched customer service, resulting in increased market-share for our customers and reduced pressure from the rigors associated with packaging for their products.

What we do for our customers:

It can become challenging for our customers to distinguish their product form their competitors mainly because their product, Flowers and plants, are all beautiful but they all look the same to end users. Our focus is in helping our customers boost their sales by designing packaging that is in accordance with customer needs. We offer products such as bouquet sleeves and sheets that may be edgy, or perhaps a bag that is bold and colorful, or classic and subtle, depending on our customers' respective market segment In order to make their product stand out to end users in a mass market setting and ultimately increase sell through.

Why are we different?

At Flora-Pack, we feel that our designs are just as beautiful as any of our competitors, however although having great designs is important, we do not think that this is the main formula for our success. Along amazing products we also offer "We Promise". "We Promise" is our credo, here at Flora-Pack, it is a commitment from everyone in the organization to promise to commit to our customers no matter how big or small, to always hold ourselves to the highest standard of customer service. We are in the business of selling packaging through establishing long term relationships with our customers that are based on mutual benefits for all parties involved. Our commitment and responsibility to our customers is un-matched by any of our competitors. That is why we have no problem with making promises, "We Promise" is not us saying that nothing will ever go wrong, but instead, that if something goes wrong or should something happened, we will keep our customers informed as soon as we know about it, and more importantly that we will still be there in the end with solutions to right those wrongs. "We Promise" is us giving our word, that when customers come to us with new ideas, we will not share them with anyone else. "We Promise" is our way of telling our customers that we are not just a vendor, that we are a partner. Creating this type of special bond and trust is what sets us apart from our competitors.